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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There are few things that grant Liberty to people and often it is perception that removes said Liberty from us. But freedom is more of a state of mind then of body, even someone whose body is no longer functioning can find freedom within themselves. Freedom has no right or left, it is without direction or purpose, but the Liberty to be free grants us the right to pursue the direction for our life that gives us the purpose or direction we desire. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are written into the Constitution and contain one of the most quoted references. Again it is Liberty that sustains us as a nation and that same Liberty that seems to have eluded both of the major parties. The progressive movement that is contained with in the Democratic Party does not promote Liberty it diminishes it instead. The idea is that the government becomes mother and father and will meet all our needs and the running of our nation should be left to our betters. In other words they are elitist who believe, much like the current Obama administration, that we are incapable of understanding what is Liberty and how to apply it to our lives. The GOP is not much better it instead is in favor of just letting big business run this nation and that the Liberties of the little guy should not impede the growth or over growth of big business. the time has come for all those who hold dear their Liberty to put their votes where their hearts are. To get up and put out a vote for your local and federal Libertarian candidates. Not just because they are Libertarian but because they are not from either of the other two parties. Most have little to no experience but right now what does that mean. Two thing first they have no existing bad habits and secondly, they would bring a fresh prospective to government which is something we have been without for sometime. With new experience and prospective can they screw it up any more than it all ready is. I doubt it seriously. Many of the Libertarians have unequalled life experience that might actually lead to solutions without creating more problems. Ember to embrace Liberty be willing to embrace doing it different, try the other party. Most of us have tried both sides now it is time to try the alternative. VOTE LIBERTARIAN

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