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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Common Sense

No matter how you figure it taxes work one way, if you cut the money in one area and do not cut spending then there has to be an increase in tax somewhere else. The cuts are not not always in the areas they should be either. Since we cut property tax then we are going to cut obligated spending to the elderly to punish them for living too long. Or close facilities for the disabled to punish them for being unable to be keep up. Lord knows we would NEVER cut spending in the form of a pay cut for elected officials. Or the replacement of income tax with higher sales tax. I know the other sounds bad but if you could not itemize your way out of paying tax, and EVERYONE would have to pay it then more revenue would be generated with less money spent to collect it. There would be no tax forms, no need of that part of the Indiana department of revenue. There would be no compliance cost with this system and no state paperwork for employers to fill out to collect the tax. but them that might simplify things and lord knows the government can not have that. There are state reps and senators that had been in office for 10+ years and if we ever knew that common sense government would mean most of us could do the job, then we just might get common sense taxation. We also might get term limits and common sense spending. There have been studies done, the Heritage Foundation has one online, that show that the longer our reps serve in office the greater the spending becomes. Which means the less your tax dollars are worth. Send a clear message this November and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT send common sense to Indianapolis and Washington DC vote Libertarian.

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