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Monday, August 16, 2010


In my travels campaigning I have encountered the brainwashed element of politics. The people who cannot remember who they voted for but they are best friends. I encountered one gentleman who told me that the incumbent was a friend of the farm and the family but he couldn't remember the man's name. It seems that knowing he was a republican was all he needed. In helping with another campaign I have found people who swear that since they are on the republican ticket then they must be of good character and good for America. Enough to make you sick, I know but true. If that were the case then Dan Burton would be an upstanding boy scout which is why he is called Danny Boy. Of course it has nothing to do with his womanizing or various escapades that have landed him on shaky if not collapsed moral ground. I mean any man who has been caught cheating on each ex-wife must be of the same moral fiber of your local pastor. If your local pastor happens to be Jimmy Swaggart that is. Then of course Mark Sauder and Tracy Jackson were just playing checkers. I mean they cannot be doing anything wrong if they are republicans. PLEASE, grow up. The time has come to realize that the right is just as bad as the left, in fact more of the so called right is in bed with the left then you might realize. These people are just like the rugby players of Europe who are trying to kill each other before and during the game, but once it is over, they are sharing a pint and laughing it up together. I hate to be the one to tell you this but it is no different here. It is this brainwashing that we must combat and not the idea of us against them, for if we were left to our own, the key social issues could be decided by a years time on state by state referendums. Perhaps this is what they have feared all along.

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