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Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Allah Press Worthy?

The building of a mosque in NYC would not be a news item under normal circumstances, but the chosen site for the construction has created a monster that not even the Muslims themselves may be prepared for. As I go deeper into the story behind the building of the mosque one begins to wonder if the insistence on this site is not for religious freedom but for the attempt to gain public support in one of the most liberal areas in the eastern sea board. Interesting development seems to be though that the liberal era seems to have a stopping point, 54% of those polled did not support the building of the mosque and only 34% supported the project. Once again the current administration weighed into the fray to put its support to the proposed project and then reversed itself when public opinion went against him. What we have is two stories unfolding at the same time here, both have the same basic plot but with different final objectives. Obama wants to be be both the bad boy President and the savior of the progressive movement, while the NYC Muslims are trying to become the victims of the 9/11 bombings. There is no doubt that many hard working and very civic minded Muslims have suffered in the aftermath of 9/11 but they are not the ones who are building just a block away from ground zero. These are the ones who work hard every day, pay taxes and with the rest of us look at this situation and wonder what the real objective is for those who are fighting to build this mosque. The idea of this being a fight for religious freedom seems hard pressed when the governor of NY is offering to find them state owned land if they would just build a little further away from the site of ground zero. I think the best quote on the subject I have heard has been the comparison to the building of a memorial for the kamikaze pilots of Japan at Pearl Harbor. The total lack of sensitivity begins to make one wonder is Allah really news worthy or are we being taken for a ride by those trying to build, acting like the victims. Did not their own religious leader of their mosque say we were to blame for 9/11? It would make one wonder what else are they up to and why?

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