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Friday, August 27, 2010

Give It A Break

In the course of unfolding events in NYC and the Gulf of Mexico, two things have become exceedingly apparent. The first is that we no long have intelligent reporting; merely the essence of news wrapped in the political opinions of either the Democratic or Republican Parties. It would seem that there is very limited unbiased reporting these days, and that the direction we are heading in is almost becoming a state controlled media in some cases. There is little concern over those getting the media, the concern is limited to the opinion and politics of the person doing the reporting, and the person they are reporting about. Heavens forbid that someone might disagree with the current administration, and we all know that he could never be wrong. Yea right. Evidently we are too simple minded to think for ourselves given the facts, so we might need someone to tell us how and what to believe. Just once it would be nice to turn on the television and be given all the facts, both sides, about a story without any injection of personal opinion or politics. It would seem though that given the current course that media has taken today, is very unlikely to happen. This is one of the inherent problems with the two party system, it only allows for an either or mentality to exist. It also disconnects the people from the event from the event itself, they are no longer what the story is about they become props in the reporters tale. as an example, to much opinion on the part of the reporter takes from the NYC Mosque story the pain still felt by those who have lost family at Ground Zero and the insensitivity of all those involved to this pain. It also make the reporter a part of the debate and in an effort to defend their opinion they leave truly newsworthy items behind. Again a good example would be where does the money come from to build this mosque? Does it come from fundamentalist, because that kind of money comes with a price. What would be that price? This leads to the second item which is, where is the grey area? Only in understanding is something only this or that. We have limited ourselves into believing that we have only two choices and that the grey areas do not exist or that they are actually a decision for one side or the other. It may come as a shock but there exists a middle ground which can lead to a other directions. Sometimes the grey area is completely separate. When we abandon the mentality of this or that and focus on the events unfolding around us, collect the facts and make a truly informed opinion the we have transended into that uncharted grey area that we avoid normally. We place ourselves on the thresh hold of understanding that there is more to in our control then we are led to beleive and we can tell the media to give it a break.

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