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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ponder This

It is a never ending saga of human history that places us at the pivotal place that marks an ending or beginning of a personal understanding. In front of a post office on the sidewalk was an older couple representing the LaRouche group promoting the impeachment of Obmama. They were met with angry shouts and items being thrown from cars at them for using their first amendment right to legally (with a permit) protest and hand put literature. What prompted me to take serious notice was the plastic bottle coming from a mini-van that had a pro-obama bumper sticker and also one for supporting the idea of free speech. Later running into the same driver and after listening to a debate on the rights of the Westboro funeral protesters it was brought to the attention of the lady speaking about the water bottle incident where upon the following response was received, "They are defaming the greatest man to ever live and be president. The funerals are just for soldiers they cannot be compared." It then became clear that it is the idea of greatness the makes us differentiate whom is above the slings and arrows of free speech and who is not. Much like the monarchy of old, and it would be best not to say down with the king in the presence of poeple with no sense of humor to here it. But alas it was said. It has to be said that regardless of your stance on war the fallen have to be honored for theirs was a sacrifice that can not be duplicated or understood by most people. It would sufice to say that perhaps the statement was wrong in that it was a life given that gave the right for her to praise Obama, to sympathize with the Westboro Baptist Church and to disagree with the LaRouche people. It was also the life given that gave the LaRouche poeple the right to protest Obama and for the courts to rule on the free speech. But it also is a life that should be remembered with the respect given to it that in death empowered others to be given respect.

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