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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Chaos of Alfred E. Newman

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what happens when words become not enough. As we spiral into the oblivion of financial debt and political turmoil there seem to be much blame flying around but little in the area of solutions. The current atmosphere reminds one of the old Mad Magazine and the realm of chaos that exists with-in its pages. I suppose that would indeed make Barrack Obama the current Alfred E. Newman the ever elusive icon who never seemed to grow with the rest of us, with his ever present slogan of "What me worry?" This is not only at the federal level it also exists at the state level as well.
A study by the University of Texas in 2006 publish a statistics correlation matrix on length of time in government verses government spending and found that the longer someone served in the senate or house the greater the spending. According to the available information this has raised on a steady incline through out the 20th century when being a politician has become a career and not a service to the electorate. This may very well be how the voting public was fixated on military service as an unofficial requirement for running for office in the first half of the 20th century. At a subconscious level they might have well understood how they needed a public servant and not a professional life long politician. This is why we need to take a very serious look at term limits to eliminate the career and reinstate public servant. The terms ideas may vary but a good start would be 8 years for the house and 12 years at the senate level both state and federal. the only reasoning for 12 years for senate would be that they run a 6 year term and that would allow for two terms. If the need for 20+ years in public life was felt to be a necessity it would not be in one office it would have to be earned and there would be a previous office to gauge how well or how bad a politician was. This has to be a priority to begin to salvage us from ourselves.

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