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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maybe Something Might Get Done

The rock group AC DC has a song appropriately labeled, "Who Made Who?" It makes one con cider in this current political climate exactly who did make who? Did the current politicians make this current climate by not doing what they were sent to either Washington D.C. or Indianapolis to do in representing us, or did we do it by allowing them to be in office for too long? In a campaign that has gone from back yard to back yard, farm to farm and every American Legion Post, VFW, Eagles, Moose Lodge and anywhere else people gathered that were interested in the idea of things getting better, they want change. The kind of change that comes from the voting public and not the candidates. A candidate can only get away with what the voters allow them to do, the power of the vote is much more powerful then the public is aware. And that is something that the ruling parties do not want you to know. If the attitude that the politicians work for the public was to return to politics it would be most disturbing to many sitting representative and senators. Just think the very idea they would have to interview each election with people who understand that they really have the power to fire the incumbent and do not have to hire either the democrat or republican, they can go outside of the box and hire or elect a third party candidate on the same limited basis as any other candidate. The result would likely be allot more attention paid to to work at hand and less to party politics. Maybe something might actually get done.

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