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Monday, October 18, 2010

Insanity, Politics and Albert Einstein

The Albert Einstein quote on insanity is perhaps the most used and appropriate quote this election season. The idea that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results mirrors how we respond to the every two year election cycle. We bluster argue and demand change, yet when it comes down to the moment we fall back into the same old pattern. It would seem the fear of change leads us to believe we will waste our votes if we allow ourselves to cast it for the best qualified candidate instead of towing party lines. It would seem that the true statement that would define the insanity of politics would be the deviation from our principles and ideals to support a candidate based on party affiliation. An example would be to be of a christian conservative living in the 5th Indiana Congressional District yet they support Dan Burton as a fellow christian conservative. Aside from the affairs with Rebecca Hyatt, Claudia Keller and the at least on illegitimate child all of which he admitted to committing. Yet he is still supported with the fear that not voting for him will waste their vote. But they scream for him to go in the primary, voting 70% for other republican candidates yet now that the general election comes will he now be worth their vote? How does this happen? It is the insanity of politics, sooner or later it has to change even though it has been the same for 28 years. This is not just the 5th district it is the nation wide, the fear of wasting a vote, keeps the third party vote at bay. The fear that taking from the republicans will give to the democrats also add to this, but it would seem that if everyone who could not vote for Burton voted third party then the democrats would still be out voted and a better candidate realized. Yet the maddness continues and the path is often unchanged. If insaniy and politics are to be seperated it has to begin with the voters. Any vote that is cast for any reason but to put the best candidate into office is the real wasted vote.

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