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Friday, July 23, 2010

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It astounds me how the voters have become the pawns of two-party system. There are too many cases of a misuse of public trust by all current and past politicians. You can not point at just one party because to oppression extends from Dan Burton, Dan Coats, Mark Sauder to Evan Bayh, Harry Reed, Andre Carson. The Voters need to remember they are interviewing prospective employees not the other way around, it is an interview process that we should be maintaining. With the intervention of the Libertarian Party we have alternatives to the status quo. In Indiana you can stay with Burton in the 5th District and his hypocritical ways or you can go with Chard Ried. We have the grandmaster of sleaze whose own party tells the female staffers that if Dan Burton is alone in an elevator wait for the next one and be late. Or how Danny Boy got and intern pregnant and forced her into an abortion the moved her out-of-state to cover it up. Or we have the economics teacher at the Christian School. The strange part of this year is we also have the republican running as a democrat Tim Crawford whose own party will not support. Read for your self go to or

Then we come to the race of the disgraced Mark Sauder who is being replaced by the opportunist Joe Heck who would use his own mothers funeral to make a name for himself or Dina Titus who would not know and issue if it slapped them in the face. Then there is Scott Wise a simple business man with simple straight forward ideas. The type of man we need representing us.

Then we move onto the lobbyist versus the former sherif who was put into the race for his closeness in appearance to Evan Bayh. Some how enforcement of the law is being used to show how one is qualified to write the law on issues that impact much more than they ever have in the past. The problem with the experience is that is connected to a lobbyist in named Dan Coats. There is a man who can make money standing still, problem is that the money all has hooks in it for various fellow lobbyist. That brings us again to a Libertarian Rebecca Sink-Burris who has experience, insight and th right motivation to see a better place for all. Of course again do not take my word for it look for yourself at also check out for all the state candidates and other federal candidates for the Libertarian party. Tell Chris I sent you.

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